Records show that the Haverhill Brass Band was formed in 1820, making it one of the oldest brass bands in the country. However, for over half a century, two brass bands co-existed in the town; the Haverhill Brass Band (formed in 1820) and the Haverhill Shepherds Brass Band (formed in 1872). Both bands performed in the community until the outbreak of World War I, where the two groups disbanded during this period of conflict.

However, in 1920, the two bands amalgamated to form the Haverhill Co-operative Band. In 1955, after over 30 years of support from the Co-operative Society, the band once again found itself with a new identity; this time under its present title – ‘Haverhill Silver Band’

Haverhill Silver Band continues to entertain audiences both locally and further afield. If you would like to hear the band live, please look at our events page to learn where we will soon be performing.

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